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Multicultural School Gardens

Evaluation Reports

Qualitative Evaluation of Program Outcomes – Learning Story - Multicultural School Gardens (for DEECD Strategic Partnerships Program 2011)  (pdf, 183kb)

Published Articles

Cutter-Mackenzie, A. ( 2009). Multicultural School Gardens: Creating Engaging Garden Spaces in Learning about Language, Culture, and Environment. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, 14, 122-135. (pdf, 463kb)

Cutter-Mackenzie, A. and Widdop-Quinton, H. (2007). Transformative Effects of Schoolgrounds Programs: 5 Teacher Stories, published in proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Environment Education was held from  from 24 to 28 November, 2007 at Centre for Environment Education (CEE), Ahmedabad, India

Research Reports


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